What We Do

fleetwide customization

FleetWide specializes in products that can be customized with your own branded company logos, including government regulated first aid kits and truck and trailer heavy duty mud flaps. Let our products be your walking billboard!

fw reefer products 

FW Reefer offers the highest quality replacement body parts compatible with Thermo King and Carrier refrigerated units, including doors, panels, grilles, top caps, alternators, and starters for your every need.

fLEETWIDE quality

FleetWide develops and provides reliable and innovative cost-effective solutions that improve safety, vehicle dynamics, and environmental sustainability in the global commercial vehicle industry. Improve your ride with FleetWide.


Reefer Doors and Panels

​​​FleetWide is one of today's trusted heavy-duty commercial equipment suppliers providing the highest level of quality products to the Canadian and global markets. Our products are supported by unwavering dependable service; helping you and your company to be a success! The long-term stability of FleetWide ensures a reliable quality product for our consumers.​

FleetWide takes its product development seriously and is committed to increasing market share so that its customers, employees, and suppliers all benefit from its growth. Our experienced team and warehousing facilities meet today’s challenges locally, nationally, and internationally. Our team at FleetWide looks forward to partnering with you today!

Toll Free:   1-877-623-5338 ​​
Canada / USA:  1-905-816-1001

fax: 1-905-817-1987

custom truck and trailer mud flaps FleetWide